As OTO NALCACILAR, we see the Environmental Management System as a philosophy of life. Our purpose is to be a pioneer in the creation of environmental awareness in our sector, protect our global resources and leave a clean world to the future generations.

With this purpose, we have adopted the principles below:
  • Seeing the environmental management as an integral part of our business and using environmental friendly materials in all our activities,
  • Following incentive and supportive policies in order to turn our employees into ''GREEN CONSUMERS'',
  • Reducing the environmental impact to the minimum by improving our applications with our present and new investments,
  • Fulfilling our industrial and legal obligations concerning our activities, complying with the ethical rules and national, international regulations,
  • Of all the relevant parties; increasing the environmental sensitivity of our customers, suppliers and the public by supporting,
  • Providing the disposal of our wasted according to their specifications, supporting recycling and reuse, keeping the pollution resulting from our wasted at the minimum level,
  • Providing the use of our natural resources effective, efficient and at the lowest level and following all kinds of technological development for this purpose.